Change is good

I’m in a new place, where they speak a different language, doing a job I’ve never done before… and it’s not necessarily easy, but it feels great to do something different. I’ve realized, a good way to feel alive is to break out of the routine. You should run your routine, your routine should not run you.

The school where I work is 5 minutes away from where I’m staying. It feels amazing to breeze out the door at 8:50AM and get there unhurried, in time for the first class to start at 9:10. School days are split into four periods, as opposed to one long continuous shift. I like that change of pace.

It feels great to see new places. It feels great to create content to share with the students. It feels great to make new friends, and think “Wow, I met this person two weeks ago!”

Change is good. Change feels fresh. I am making a promise to myself: never be afraid to take a chance on change.



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I'm a twenty-something living in Ontario, Canada who's still at that stage of life where I'm making things up as I go. Oh well, just got to focus on enjoying the journey!

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